Sniffling and sewing

January and February passed in much the same way as December had done for me: full of cold, worn out and weary. I've never known a winter like this one for illnesses; I blame the very mild weather we've had – the germs and viruses have lingered and spread for far too long. Work has been correspondingly busy, with many, many serious influenza cases.

Then all of a sudden, a couple of days ago, I woke up and felt full of energy and enthusiasm. What a strange, forgotten sensation! It was almost as if I didn't realise how run down I'd been until I was fully better again.


One of the few activities I've had the energy for over the last couple of months is sewing. I've made two tops, using new patterns, and have cut out fabric to make a third. Using new patterns is slow at first (tracing pattern pieces, figuring out counter-intuitive necklines, triple-checking measurements, adjusting hem lengths) – but so very satisfying to have something completely brand new and different to wear.

The spotty, blood-orange blouse was a pattern from this Japanese book, and the grey and pink v-neck blouse is the Liesl + Co Cappuccino Tunic. The fabric I have cut out is some handwoven indigo cotton, which is going to become another version of the Cappuccino Tunic – this time with the long sleeves shown in View A

I finished a run of nightshifts this morning and have two more days off before I'm back in work at the weekend; I also have Christmas present vouchers from Graham and my parents for Cloth House and John Lewis. So tomorrow, I'm headed into town for some cultural inspiration (not sure at the moment where this will come from – perhaps a morning at the V&A, or perhaps a wander around the British Museum), and then I shall have lunch in Soho and spend the afternoon fabric shopping. That's pretty much my idea of a perfect day.

I am fizzing with excitement about this gloriously indulgent day I have planned – but just a few weeks ago, I would have been exhausted at the prospect of so much activity in one day. Too unwell and run-down to be enthusiastic about museum prowling or fabric shopping is a sorry state to be in. I am so pleased to be back where I should be. Finally.


3 thoughts on “Sniffling and sewing

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain and I hope that you have kicked that lurgy into the long grass. Spring is nearly here and all the things that you love doing are out there waiting for you!


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