City Stroll Wrap Skirt

In the past couple of days I've made myself a wearable muslin of the City Stroll Wrap Skirt, as a practice run before making a denim version. The fabric I had on my shelf that was closest to denim in weight, was some lilac needlecord – not very me, and not something I was saving for a special project, so I jumped right in and cut it out.

There are many things I love about this pattern. It's such a pretty shape, and it has large roomy pockets. It sits nicely on my waist and hips and doesn't gape open when I walk, or when I sit down (which I was worried it might). The length is just right, and you can add contrast fabric inside the pockets and on the hem facings.

The big downside though, is the waistband. It's an enclosed waistband, which means it sandwiches either side of the top of the skirt. Enclosed waistbands are very bulky and its hard to make them look really neat on a sewing machine. As I've wrestled with enclosed waistbands before, I hand-sewed the inside edge, which was much slower than machining it but does look better.

The skirt is fastened with four buttons across the front of the waistband, and because of the bulk of so many layers of corduroy (and interfacing) in the enclosed waistband, making the buttonholes was a right royal pain in the neck. I switched to a denim needle on my machine, and still struggled to get the buttonholes really neat and accurately placed. I unpicked and re-stitched the last one three times before I was happy with it. Have you ever tried unpicking a buttonhole? It's not the best way to have fun.

With the denim version I want to make next, I'll leave out the interfacing, and adjust the way the waistband is folded and stitched to reduce the bulk. I'll also have some soothing music playing when I make the buttonholes.



7 thoughts on “City Stroll Wrap Skirt

  1. Love the skirt. Do you have a serger? It might help a bit with the waistband. I sometimes serge the edge that is turned to the inside instead of turning it under. Then I ‘stitch in the ditch’ from the front to hold it all together. Does this make sense? I’m also enjoying seeing the peeks of your new work life that you can share. We had dealings with neuro ICU a few weeks ago when my Mom had a stroke and clot removal. We have always had such respect for the work medical personal do as my husband worked in that field. It was so comforting to have the nurses and therapists that we were assigned. We are so blessed to have such caring people, such as yourself, helping us and our loved ones through such stressful times. My Mom (87) is doing amazingly well, what a miracle it is that a clot in the brain can be removed! (oh, and yes, picking out buttonholes is not one of our finer moments, is it?)


  2. So much to love about this post – especially the fact that you unpicked the button holes THREE times. Madness! I love the photo of you balancing on the chair in front of the mirror over the fireplace. Only in Blogland.


  3. I love that skirt and the lilac cord is gorgeous. Well done on not getting too overwhelmed with the buttonholes – what a kerfuffle! I also love your starry scarf. I can’t get enough of scarves and wear one everyday even in summer!


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