Summer holidays

The children finally broke up for their summer holidays at lunchtime today, so for the next six weeks I will have their company (at least partially – they're teenagers, so they are pulling away from home and towards independence), on my days off. I am very happy about this. They are excellent company – funny, interesting, challenging and thought provoking – at this age.

I made a plum and almond cake this morning to celebrate the start of the holidays, and Olivia is now making lemon bars (from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, which she loves).

Cam wants to play on his guitars, listen to music, and go to the cinema occasionally. Olivia wants to bake, draw, watch endless episodes of emotional American teenage TV series (Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl mainly), and has also said she want to do some more exploring of London. I reckon I can accommodate all these requests, with a mixture of work days and days off.



2 thoughts on “Summer holidays

  1. your cake looks like the perfect start to the holidays ! my teenagers want to sleep, watch endless episodes of Dr Who, Merlin and Once upon a time, and eat me out of house and home….. I should start baking…………..


  2. I have used that recipe book a lot too, the lemon bars are amazing! I especially like Olivia’s summer holiday list, mine would be very similar! X


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